ATA Accredited Services

ATA's accreditation for online patient consultations is a quality assurance program for healthcare providers who deliver services through telemedicine. A wide array of direct-to-consumer online healthcare consultative services are currently available. These are the most common services:

  • Mental / Behavioral Health

  • Primary Care

  • Urgent Care(non-emergency) 

  • Chronic Disease Management (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular)

  • Rehabilitation (e.g. speech therapy)

  • Dermatology

  • Prevention / Wellness

ATA's seal of accreditation is a benchmark for organizations providing safe, effective telemedicine services direct to patients. Consumers can trust organizations that have earned ATA accreditation as legitimate healthcare providers, meeting the highest standards of online care.

ATA Accredited Services



Medical/Acute Care, Behavioral Health, and Nutrition Services




AveraNow (AveraHealth)
Urgent Care Services




Episodic Urgent Care Services



Doctor on Demand
Primary Care and Psychology/Psychiatry Services, Lactation Consulting


Telepsychiatry and Mental Health Services




Medical and Behavioral Health Services




    United Concierge Medicine
   Urgent Care Services