ATA President's Awards Recipients

The ATA President's Awards and the ATA Industry Council Award are presented annually in order to recognize substantial contributions toward the advancement of telemedicine. Any member of the American Telemedicine Association can put forward a nomination for the President’s Award. Submissions may be for a project, program, institution, or individual involved in the field of telemedicine. The Industry Council Award is available only to individuals affiliated with ATA President's Circle Corporate Members.

President's Individual Award

The President’s Individual Award recognizes individual leadership and championship at local, national or international level in promoting and advocating for telemedicine/telehealth, e-health. Contributions may be in one or more areas of education, research, service delivery, policy and regulations. Winners from past years include: 

  2016 Charles R. Doarn, MBA
  2015  Mike Breslow, MD
  2015 Brian Rosenfeld, MD
  2014  Ronald C. Merrell, MD, FACS 
  2013 Rashid Bashshur, PhD
  2012 Karen S. Rheuban, MD
  2011 Dena Puskin, ScD
  2010 Thomas S. Nesbitt, MD, MPH
  2009 Joseph C. Kvedar, MD
  2008 Ronald Weinstein, MD
  2007 Nina M. Antoniotti, RN, MBA, PhD
  2006 Joseph Tracy
  2005 Robert J. Walters, JD
  2004 Sam Burgiss, PhD 
  2003 Lloyd M. Aiello, MD



President's Award for Health Delivery, Quality and Transformation

Previously name the Institutional Award, The President's Award for Health Delivery Quality and Innovation recognizes the leadership of an organization that incorporates virtual health care services (i.e. telemedicine) as part of an initiative resulting in improved quality and better value health care for a large population of patients. Consideration will include impact on the population served including special needs groups, academic output such as peer reviewed research and presentations, targeted education programs, number of sites, business case or business model, long-term sustainability, and effective partnerships and collaboration. Winners of the previously named ATA Institutional Award include:

  2016  United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley 
  2015  Center for Telehealth, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  2014 Center for Rural Health Innovation: My Health-e-Schools
  2013 University of New Mexico Health Science Center, Project ECHO
  2012 U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center
  2011 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  2010 ORBIS Cyber-Sight
  2009 Avera Health - Telehealth
  2008 Medical Missions for Children
  2007 University of New Mexico, Center for Telehealth
  2006 University of California Davis, Center for Health & Technology
  2005 North Network
  2004 Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network (AFHCAN)
  2003 Missouri Telehealth Network
  2002 Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network
  2001 Arizona Telemedicine Program
  2000 Memorial University of Newfoundland
  1999 Kansas University TeleMedicine Services
  1998 Oklahoma Telemedicine Program
  1997 Georgia Telemedicine Program
  1996 Jane Preston



President's Innovation in Remote Health Care Award

The President's Innovation Award recognizes advances in the telemedicine through one or more of the following: Innovative new technology development or adaptation, novel use of technology leading to innovative health applications and social services support at the individual or community level, creative strategies for removing barriers to implementation and adoption, innovative approaches to fostering partnerships and collaboration, innovative ways responding to needs of end-users, improve ergonomics, new ideas, concepts, formulation and paradigms, and new ways of thinking “outside the box.”  Winners from past years include: 




Industry Council Award

The award is presented to an individual or a company on an annual basis to recognize leadership and championship at local, national and international levels in promoting and advocating for telemedicine/telehealth and e-health.  Winners from past years include:

  2016 Deborah Dahl, Vice President of Patient Care Innovation, Banner Health
  2015  Robert Jarrin, JD, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Qualcomm Incorporated 
  2014 Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH, American Well 
  2013  Peter Killcommons, MD, Medweb
  2012 Donald Jones, JD, Qualcomm Life
  2011 Alice Borrelli, Intel Corporation
  2010 Ron Emerson, RN, BSN, Polycom
  2009 Pramod K. Gaur, PhD, Healthanywhere, Inc.
  2008 Joe D'Iorio, TANDBERG 
  2007 Alan Izadpanah, ViTel Net 
  2006 Steve Normandin and Mark VanderWerf, AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc.